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Twin Flame
Genre-blending artist Izayuh explores connection, heartbreak and love in ‘Twin Flame’. Inspired by a tumultuous relationship, the song is a raw love story that strives to understand the depths and purpose behind connections. Intimate acoustic guitars, emotive vocals and natural percussion set the tone, blending the best of soul, hip-hop, and rap elements for a sound reminiscent of J.Cole and Black Thought.

Production: @rrarebearbeats
Mixing & Recording: @silva_vz @kingcitymusic
Art work: @jream.code
Label: Daydreamers Ent.

Burnt Out
I hope, pray, and plead that all my brothers and sisters find love and peace. Find ways to cope, communicate, find a therapist; just hold on. Strength is in control.
Ft. Deep Waters @deepwatersss, Luix

@luix916 and Greo @greothestoryteller
Production: @silva_vz

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Try Me
Try me. Try me and my brother Young Quantum. Try us and our melanin. The powers that be keep pushing people down for peacefully protesting; they're grabbing people and throwing them in unmarked vehicles as if the citizens of this "free" country are terrorists and our cities are Guantanamo Bay. Keep trying us and you'll see what the people in this country are really capable of. Support BLM. Donate what you can or get out there.

Try Me.jpg



First EP, Innocence, in 2019 with the intent on creating a trilogy project,went on to release two additional EP’s, Ignorance and Imminence in 2019 and 2020, making the trilogy complete.


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